Comprehensive Patient-Centered Clinical Care, World-Class Research and Education

The BC Centre for Vulvar Health (BCCVH) offers comprehensive care for individuals with complex and chronic vulvar issues. Conditions that affect vulvar health can also affect other aspects of health – including physical, emotional, sexual, and social.

We believe that treatment from a multidisciplinary perspective is critical to improving the lives of affected individuals. Not only do we offer clinical care including medical and surgical treatments, we also offer educational interventions, pelvic floor physiotherapy, psychological, and sexual therapy.

About Us

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Our Clinics

We currently offer the following services that address specific vulvovaginal issues and sexual health concerns:

Vulvar Pain Assessment

For individuals experiencing vulvar and/or sexual pain

Benign Vulvar Skin Conditions

Assess and manage people with chronic vulvar symptoms and/or asymptomatic vulvar conditions or lesions.

VIN / Vulvar Cancer

For people who have been previously diagnosed and treated for Vulvar Intra-Epithelial Neoplasia (VIN).

Cancer Survivorship

For cancer survivors who have sexual health concerns or require complex menopause management

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Visit the Clinic
Visit the Clinic
Visit the Clinic