We need your support!

Generous financial donations from private individuals directly lead to raising awareness about vulvar health and providing first class care to individuals with vulvar disorders.

How Can You Donate to the B.C. Centre for Vulvar Health?

The BCCVH accepts donations through the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation – a registered charity that raises funds for much-needed medical equipment, world-class research and improvements to patient care.

The Foundation receives donations for a number of causes but any gifts specifically designated for the BCCVH will be directed towards our program.


Financial donations have enabled us to move towards a more patient-centered and holistic model of health care. Donated funds have allowed us to: develop educational interventions (website, patient education pamphlets, public forums); develop new and innovative clinical programs; engage in research about the impact of vulvar disorders on quality of life; and negotiate additional resources and support from our health care partners to expand our health care team.

We are looking forward to our future. We are seeking funding for a number of exciting new initiatives. Please contact our Director for more information.
On-line therapeutic interventions
(educational webinars, cognitive behavioural therapy) for people with vulvar diseases who reside in remote communities and/or who have other barriers to accessing in-person care.
($50,000 per annum)
Advanced training
offering specialized education and training in the assessment and treatment of vulvar diseases for graduated family doctors, gynecologists and or dermatologists.
($55,000 per annum)


Willing to Be Interviewed?

Want to Tell Your Story?

The Centre is frequently contacted by media professionals who are interested in speaking with people with vulvar disorders to hear their stories. If you are willing to be interviewed, please email us, and include a brief summary of your history with your vulvar condition and how it has impacted your life.
Send Publicity Ideas or Media Contacts to BCCVH

Do you have experience in the public relations field? Do you know a writer, film producer or celebrity who would be interested in raising awareness about vulvar health? If so, please contact us.