Community Resources

Conditions that affect vulvar health can also affect other aspects of a patient’s health – physical, emotional, sexual, and social. We believe that treatment from a multidisciplinary perspective is critical to improving the lives of affected individuals.

In addition to clinical care, including medical and surgical treatments, we commonly recommend educational interventions, pelvic floor physiotherapy, psychological support, and sexual therapy.

1) Pelvic floor physiotherapy:

For our list of recommended pelvic floor physiotherapists, click here.

2) Psychologists / counsellors/sex therapy:

For our list of individual psychologists /counsellors, click here

UBC Psychology Clinic: Offers clinical psychological services offered by graduate students in clinical psychology who are being supervised by registered psychologists. Sliding-scale fees at reduced rates. Click here for clinic information.

3) BC Centre for Sexual Medicine:

A specialty clinic located on the campus of the University of British Columbia that provides assessment and treatment services for sexual concerns. A referral by your physician is required.

4) Other Recommended Clinics:

5) Resources for Pain Management

6) General recommended resources (books, websites, organizations, etc): click here.