Preparing For Your Appointment

If you would like to be seen at the BC Centre for Vulvar Health, you need a referral from your doctor
(see How To Refer).

Please discuss with your physician (G.P. or specialist), and have them fill out BOTH pages of the BC CVH Temp Referral (PDF).

Your physician can then submit by fax at 604-875-5807.

We only accept referrals from B.C. physicians for residents of B.C.

  • For your initial appointment, please complete our pre-visit BCCVH Medical Questionairre which you will receive electronically.  
  • Please be aware that parking near the Gordon and  Leslie Diamond Centre at Vancouver General Hospital can be challenging. Please ensure you give yourself plenty of time to find parking so that you are able to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment to complete relevant forms.
  • The BCCVH has limited resources and high demand for our services. If you miss or cancel an appointment with less that 48 Hours notice we may not be able to rebook your appointment.
  • At the BCCVH we have several different clinics for vulvar conditions. Depending on the clinic your have been referred to your appointment will look differently:

    Vulvar Pain Assessment Clinic: If you have been referred to the Vulvar / Sexual pain clinic please click here to go to the section on our website for what to expect at your first appointment. Our Clinical Coordinator will also contact you by email before your first appointment.

    Vulvar Disease Clinic: If you have been referred to the Vulvar Disease Clinic please click here for what to expect at your first appointment.
  • We are a University of British Columbia faculty of medicine teaching site so we may have a learner in the clinic with us, this could include a medical student, a resident specializing in OBGYN or Dermatology or a gynecologist doing further training in this area.

    If you are a current BCCVH patient and:

    you have a question about: (re)scheduling or cancelling an appointment please call our booking clerks at (604) 875-5022 ext #3 (please provide at least 48-hours notice)

    you have a medical question related to your current BCCVH treatment program, please call our Centre’s nurse at: (604) 875-4111 ext #63179

    you have a general question about the BCCVH please contact our Clinic Care Coordinator at (604) 875-5022

Please check out our FAQ page for more information.